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Plant nutrition

We deliver the best options in plant nutrition

We have a wide portfolio of simple sources and microelements, edaphic fertilizers, fertigation, specialized bioactivators and foliar.


We have the chemical elements needed for plant growth.

Major elements

We have highly soluble sources, we develop nutritional formulas adapted to the requirements of different crops.

Minor elements

We offer all kind of minor elements, and we have a broad portfolio of brands that will fit any budget.



We have a digital platform that helps us create the ideal formula for the singularity of each our client’s crops.

We have an extensive portfolio of brands and products that allows us to offer different alternatives to our clients.

We have chlorine-free products and no heavy elements.

We promote a clean agriculture with organic seals.


We develop a nutrition plan and provide support where we review the formula, monitor its effectiveness and make improvement actions.

Farmers receive direct support from the brands.

We solubility and compatibility tests of the elements.


Ana María Medina
Line leader

Andrés Zuluaga
Line promoter

Mayra García 
Antioquia line promoter

Vanessa Gil
Antioquia line promoter

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