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Packaging and tools

We offer solutions for cutting crops, boxing, packaging, and greenhouse construction.

With these tools, crops and products are protected during transport, storage and distribution.

Infrastructure material

  • Steel wires
  • Wires
  • Metal staples
  • Tapes for plastic cover
  • Enclosure mesh
  • Antitrips mesh

Harvest tools

  • Cutting scissors
  • Pneumatic stapling machines
  • Manual stapler machines
  • Tying Machine

Packaging material

  • Plastic Meshes
  • Corruplast boxes
  • Rubber bands
  • Box mooring strap
  • Newspaper and manifold
  • Plastic for storage and transport
  • Branch separators
  • Rubber thread
  • Protective mesh for fruits and vegetables
  • Flower Embotone Mesh
  • Print pet for bunching


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All our products, even the simplest, are sold with technical specifications.

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Line promoter

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Antioquia line

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